If you’ve been around here for a bit you’ve heard me talk about the Shoot Directive.

It’s a tool I use to help plan Brand sessions and it’s my favorite way to stay on track during a shoot day and leading up to it!

The directive is also one of my favorite parts of the planning process and something I send to all my clients post planning meeting, pre shoot.  It’s how we figure out the big picture of the shoot.

Creating visual content that lines up with your goals and vision for your business is ultimately the biggest goal!

Today I wanted to take you behind the scenes of how I pull them together with my clients. Are you ready??

First things first, we always start with a phone call. We run through a series of in-depth questions. I take notes throughout, highlighting aspects that come up over and over. I’ll make note of words you’re using to talk about your brand, clients, and anything that feels like it needs highlighting!

From there, I have you make a Pinterest board. But consider yourself warned. this is not your typical Pinterest board. This is not a shot list or a “need” list. The board is a place for you to paint a visual representation of your brand with textures, colors, moods, artwork, interiors, travel, ALL THE THINGS. You’ll compile all of this into a board and send it my way. 

Brand Photography Mood Board

We will also highlight the objectives for your shoot and chat about where you will be using your images. This helps us stay on brand and keeps us on track during the day of the shoot!

Brand Photography Photo Directive

I’ll attach images here from a project last Spring with an Italian villa-based travel company and the finished images that go with them to give you and idea of how this translates.

ALL photos in directive layouts are from the Pinterest board linked here. You can find all photo credits and links there

Let me know what you guys think!!

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