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You decided to take the road less traveled. The brave, sometimes rocky adventure of doing things differently. Go you! Maybe you knew ahead of time all the metaphorical hats you'd need to wear or maybe you're currently trying to figure out how in the world you'll do it all.

What if you could take some of the mystery out of connecting with potential clients? And help them get to know the person behind the brand, leading to more bookings and less chasing the wrong ones? 

rooted in a love of the process and knowing what it means to chase after this big, sometimes crazy dream of running a small business!

An Intentional Photography Experience...

"It's helpful to have a large collection of on-brand photos that I KNOW will work so that I can spend less time dithering over this-photo-or-that, and get back to doing the work that actually moves the needle in my business. I feel like my branding photos gave me back time I hadn't realized I was losing."

"Choosing photos for my website & newsletters takes *so* much less time!"

"From our first phone call on, she made me feel incredibly relaxed and excited about the process of my branding session. She was very helpful with her brand discovery call, and worked extensively with me on helping map out my shoot directive. When it came to shoot day, she gave amazing direction, stayed calm and organized despite how many things were going on around her, and made me genuinely laugh throughout the session, which added an authentic warmth to the photos"

"she made me feel incredibly relaxed and excited about the process"

"I have honestly never felt more confident behind a camera than when I had my shoot"

"What she created was not only beautiful but told Carter’s Event Co.’s story without using any words at all"

Client Praise

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