Anyone else feeling the weight of the last few months extra hard this week? Silly questions? Yesterday gifted me with the perfect Monday morning perspective I needed. 

I got an email first thing from a list I’m on and couldn’t believe how seen I felt. She shared about how crazy the week had been and a comment someone had made asking her how she manages to do it all. As any honest person would, she responded that she didn’t and she wasn’t. 

The last few days have been a lot. We’ve had highs (a Christmas dinner with Ben’s USCG team) and lows (anyone else ever beg for a root canal first thing on a Monday morning? I did). But through it all, I’ve felt so supported behind the scenes. 

But one incident put things into perspective real quick… 

While taking our little guy to school just before my root canal appointment, we needed a few extra things for his lunch. Since we’d been out of town over the weekend that meant leaving a little early to get what we needed before dropping him off. 

Mav drug his feet the entire morning. Distracting himself instead of eating breakfast. Throwing me his shoes instead of bringing them as I’d asked. Insisting he was still hungry right before we walked out of the door – typical almost-four-year-old behavior. 

While putting him in the car after checkout I’d asked him to put his arms into his buckles while I pushed the cart into the return beside us. This was after he’d somehow forgotten how to put his feet into the cart on our way in, but I digress. 

When I turned back around he was still just sitting there singing a song he’d made up and I lost my cool. I fussed at him about how he wasn’t being helpful and how mommy was running a little behind and struggling a bit. He responded with “I’m so sorry, mommy”. We worked it out and were on our way. Me feeling a little defeated, him back to singing. 

After pulling out of the store and trying to collect my thoughts I heard the sound of crashing metal and screeching tires. The smell of brakes wafted through the air vents and just ahead of us I saw the car that had been hit stop its spin into the other lane. Thankfully, there was no other traffic on a normally very busy road and everyone was visibly ok. After making a quick u-turn to roll down my window to ask if they were all right and if they needed anything, I made our second u-turn to get back on our way. 

The rest of the way to school I fought back tears. It so easily could have been us. It so easily could have been much worse. Mav dragging his feet could have been what stopped it from being us. It’s mind-boggling how quickly things could all be so different. 

That incident brought a bit more perspective to a Monday that at the time felt like too much to handle. It was a vivid reminder that no matter how depleted I feel in the moment, things are ok. Having an extra stop on a Monday morning means Mav is healthy and is going to have a great day with his friends. Having a very early dentist appointment means my body alerts me when something is wrong and we have the ability to take care of things when something is wrong.

A great reminder to be grateful, even on the hard days, that we are getting to do life together. 

P.S I’m toying with the idea doing a bit of writing over on another platform! If you like following along and are up for a bit of adventure while it comes together feel free to join me! I’m learning I need to do more of just going with things instead of learning how to do the thing before getting started. If you’re ok with a bit of “messy middle” feel free to pop in!

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