This was a fun one! Abby reached out a few months ago about scheduling a session for the new Branding Photography section of her website. Seeing her email in my inbox was such a compliment and I was so excited to get another opportunity to work with someone who has a focus on Brand Photography as well!

I jumped on a flight and did something I almsot NEVER do, schedule a session the same day as a flight in. But we had some special circumstances (a stunning venue only available for our session date and a direct morning flight).

I arrived in D.C, jumped in a car, and made my way to The Retreat at Cool Spring, a stunning historic home just outside of Washington D.C.

Abby brought with her an array of beautiful things for vignettes, her signature Branding Binder, her friend and stylist Katherine, and her sweet family!

Over the next three hours we shot everything from a handful of sweet family moments, Abby’s reasearch based approcahed to Brand Photography, and a bunch of super bubbly portraits.

The delivered gallery may or may not have included a *few* extras because culling was nearly impossible!

Please enjoy a few highlights here from our session in beautiful Virginia!

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