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sheep in sovana italy

Just outside of Orvieto, nestled in the hills of rolling Umbria, we made our way to our first wine tasting of the trip. Based on our itinerary we were sure to be indulged by more than handful of wine glasses and decadent foods in the two weeks of our trip. 

But not many would bring as much joy as our impromptu stop on the side of the road somewhere between Sovana and Pitigliano. Our van slowed just around a bend in the road and unsure of whether we had reached our destination, we all looked curiously out the window. 

It wasn’t just the sight of these grazing sheep but the sounds of the bells around their necks that would mark the memory in our minds forever. As they grazed the tinkling of the metal created a little song that will forever remind me of Sovana and Pecorino Romano

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