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In October I was brought on to work for a new brand, a villa-based travel company in Orvieto, Italy.

Throughout the process we discussed various experiences for the tour. The one everyone seemed most excited for was truffle hunting.

At the end of the second week of our tour, we were welcomed by San Pietro a Pettine for an adventure up the mountain.

Our group was outfitted with rain boots and two sweet truffle dogs. We made our way up the mountain where the dogs were able to fetch more than a handful of black truffles. A great way to start the truffle season.

Next, we were given a quick lesson on what happens to the truffles after they’re retrieved. Next, the truffles got a quick scrub down and were then shaved with a special tool to prepare them for our meal.

After our hunt, we were greeted by the most stylish dinning area and poured fresh, crisp glasses of Prosecco (always my favorite) and served a meal I’ll have a very hard time topping in this lifetime. Course after course of truffle toped deliciousness.

Here’s a peek at our adventure…

Truffle Hunting

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