Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm Josie and I'm so thrilled you're here! I can't wait to hear more of your story. Here is a little snippet of mine...

I love to travel and see new places. I spent a semester abroad during college and haven't really recovered. Most of my daydreams include olive groves, golden Tuscan light, and vino (the bubbly stuff) I grew up in a tiny town where I met my sweet husband. I’ve known him since first grade. We currently live near Charleston with our little guy Maverick, our kitty Olive, and our crazy Golden doodle Maggie.

I can't wait to chat more soon



These guys are my whole life. That sweet little squishy face in the middle is our favorite little man,  Mav. The other cutie is my hubby and hottie of a baby daddy! We also share our home with our sassy cat Olive and naughty puppy Maggie (Mags mostly). 


Travel, to Italy in particular. I studied abroad in college and have had a hard time not daydreaming about Italy...well daily ever since. Our next trip is in May and you better believe my bags are already being packed. It's such a huge part of our story and I'm so thankful for the memories created there. 


If I had to pick a Disney princess I most relate to it would be Belle. The scene where Cogsworth and Lumière are skipping around talking about all the books is the scene that comes to mind. I usually carry at least two books in my bag at any given time.